Working Behind a Proxy

TelegramBotClient allows you to use a proxy for Bot API connections. This guide covers using three different proxy solutions.

Telegram Network

If you are in a country, such as Iran, where HTTP and SOCKS proxy connections to Telegram servers are blocked, consider using a VPN, using Tor Network, or hosting your bot in other jurisdictions.

HTTP Proxy

You can pass an IWebProxy to bot client for HTTP Proxies.

// using System.Net;

var httpProxy = new WebProxy(address: "", port: 8080) {
  // Credentials if needed:
  Credentials = new NetworkCredential("USERNMAE", "PASSWORD")
var botClient = new TelegramBotClient("YOUR_API_TOKEN", httpProxy);

SOCKS5 Proxy

Unfortunately, there is no built-in support for socks proxies in the .NET Standard libraries. You can use an external NuGet package: HttpToSocks5Proxy provided by one of our team members.

// using MihaZupan;

var proxy = new HttpToSocks5Proxy(Socks5ServerAddress, Socks5ServerPort);

// Or if you need credentials for your proxy server:
var proxy = new HttpToSocks5Proxy(
  Socks5ServerAddress, Socks5ServerPort, "USERNAME", "PASSWORD"

// Allows you to use proxies that are only allowing connections to Telegram
// Needed for some proxies
proxy.ResolveHostnamesLocally = true;

var botClient = new TelegramBotClient("YOUR_API_TOKEN", proxy);

SOCKS5 Proxy over Tor

Warning: Use for Testing only!

Do not use this method in a production environment as it has high network latency and poor bandwidth.

Using Tor, a developer can avoid network restrictions while debugging and testing the code before a production release.

  1. Install Tor Browser
  2. Open the torcc file with a text editor (Found in Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor)
  3. Add the following lines: (configurations are described below)
    EntryNodes {NL}
    ExitNodes {NL}
    StrictNodes 1
  4. Look at the Socks5 proxy example above.
  5. Start the Tor Browser


// using MihaZupan;

var botClient = new TelegramBotClient(
  new HttpToSocks5Proxy("", 9050)

Note that Tor has to be active at all times for the bot to work.

Configurations in torcc

EntryNodes {NL}
ExitNodes {NL}
StrictNodes 1

These three lines make sure you use nodes from the Netherlands as much as possible to reduce latency.


This line tells tor to listen on port 9050 for any socks connections. You can change the port to anything you want (9050 is just the default), only make sure to use the same port in your code.